How to layer raised garden bed

1. Mesh-secured open base: Leave the bottom of the crate open, but protect it from small rodents using mesh with a maximum opening size of 0.6 inches.

2. Foil lining for moisture control: Line the inner walls of the crate with foil, such as pond liner, to minimize moisture loss through evaporation.

3. Preparation of substrate base: Start by placing chopped branches, tree leaves, and foliage at the substrate’s lowest level. This aids in drainage and prevents excessive water retention.

4. Application of organic fertilizer and compost: Apply organic fertilizer and compost over the layer of branches, ensuring thorough packing and moistening. This encourages the decomposition of organic material, generating beneficial heat for plant growth.

5. Inclusion of topsoil or bagged alternative: Complete the setup with a layer of topsoil or substitute with bagged soil as needed.

Following these steps, the substrate will be prepared for planting. Remember to maintain regular watering and care to promote healthy plant growth and fruitful yields.”